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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement

Beschrijving van de opleiding

To be effective in a world of change, it is essential to involve the right people at the right time. Stakeholders include those people who may be affected by decisions as well as those who can drive or influence implementation of change. Some will be supportive and others may oppose. In any case, it is vital to engage people who are influential in the organization or community in which they operate. Stakeholder engagement promotes a better understanding of the possible impact of decisions and influences the success of their implementation.

The course covers the following subjects_

  • Stakeholder engagement and you
  • Stakeholder engagement_ why
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Stakeholder engagement_ having a different perspective
  • Building rapport in 6 steps
  • Building strong relationships_ your attitude towards yourself
  • Building strong relationships_ analyzing the stakeholder map
  • Building strong relationships_ drawing conclusions on your analysis
  • Managing expectations
  • Building trust using 13 behaviors

This course is based on learning by doing. We accelerate the learning process through interactive homework assignments, presentations, group exercises, buddy coaching, discussions, personal case studies and action planning. By engaging your manager you will get sustainable results.

Keep developing your soft skills with New Heroes

Upon completion of your training you will receive 6 months of access to the online platform New Heroes, where you can continue working on your skills in the field of personal strength, communication and leadership. Everything at your own pace, wherever and whenever you want. Visit for more information.

You work at management level and would like to have greater insight into dealing with internal and external stakeholders as effectively as possible. You would like to recognize differing interests more quickly and manage them better.

Training days

The total duration of the training course is 5 weeks. The training course consists of a goal-setting online kick-off and 2 blocks of 1 day. Your time investment is approximately two hours of self study per week_ theoretical and practical through the MijnSN learning community.

Online start

  • Seven days before block 1

Block 1 and 2

  • 1 day from 9.30 AM till 5.00 PM

By the end of the course, you will_

  • Have strengthened your vision of stakeholder engagement
  • Be able to identify stakeholders by influence and interest
  • Be able to see how your preconceived ideas about stakeholders influence your relationships
  • Know how to build trustful and beneficial relationships
  • Be able to align your personal values, talents and ambition with your stakeholder engagement activities
  • Assure continuous growth relating to stakeholder engagement (Post Work Action Plan)


On completion of the training course and subject to attendance and active participation, Schouten&Nelissen will award a certificate. Our certificates are highly regarded in the business community.

Training material

During the course, specific training material will be used. The package includes required material such as_ syllabus, handouts, personal license for the learning community and online tests / scans. At the end of your training you will also receive 6 months of access to the New Heroes online platform. Additional costs of€ 87,00 (excluding VAT) will be charged.

  • Improve relationships with your stakeholders
  • Create a more effective collaboration
  • This course is based on learning by doing_ work on your own casuistic
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Utrecht vanaf 15-11-2018
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Locatie: Regardz La Vie Utrecht , Utrecht

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private 18-04-2018 09:30:00 18-04-2018 17:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam BLOK 1 (dag 0) - Stakeholder engagement Utrecht, Regardz La Vie Utrecht 18-04-2018
09:30 17:00 BLOK 1 (dag 0) Utrecht
private 16-05-2018 09:30:00 16-05-2018 17:00:00 Europe/Amsterdam BLOK 2 (dag 1) - Stakeholder engagement Utrecht, Regardz La Vie Utrecht 16-05-2018
09:30 17:00 BLOK 2 (dag 1) Utrecht
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vanaf 15-11-2018
Regardz La Vie Utrecht , Utrecht
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